Roller Kit Gaynor Minden

Roller Kit Gaynor Minden - set for muscles relaxation.

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Muscles relaxation is a very important thing of the routine of every sportsman. Gaynor Minden designed the Roller Kit for them. It contains all the accessories for muscle relaxation you need before or after a long day of concerts.

The set is slight and compact, packed in a handy bag.

The set includes:

- ROLLER- relieves muscles tention in your back, hips and legs.

- MINI ROLLER is for sore and tense muscles and tendons close to calves.

- Big ball for massage - is for relaxation and massage muscles close to hips and lower back.

- Small ball for massage - is for relaxation muscles foot.

- Exercise mat- is for comfort and pure clothes.

- Bag- is for storage and travel. 

The set dimensions:

- Big roller: lenght 30 cm, diameter 10 cm

- Big ball: 7 cm

- Small ball: 2,5 cm

- Mini roller: lenght 15 cm, diameter 5,5 cm

- Mat: 60x120 

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