Butterfly Wings Bodysuit unitard Lure

Bodysuit as unique as a fingerprint - just like you. Illustrative photos!

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Sleeveless bodysuit with a fancy cut-out on the chest. The back of the costume is deeply cut with two crossed straps at the back - that also give extra support.

Suit provides great flexibility and comfortableness of movement. Lifts and shapes our build with a supported push-up effect. An additional advantage is the material - breathable, incredibly soft and antibacterial, resistant to sweat and odors. It reduces the visibility of cellulite and makes our skin looks smoother and younger. It also protects our skin against the solar radiation.

Composition: Light Full Coverage Suplex Lycra Blend

Caution - due to the composite pattern, each piece of the Butterfly Wings model is different. The jumpsuit presented by the dancer in the photos is an illustrative picture. If you want to see exactly how your suit will look like, please contact us and ask for more photos.

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